Let the raindrops worship me


Oh… Sometimes I feel just like this cat. Lost, feeling too many emotions at a time and not being able to move… not even my whiskers. And suddenly, there, in the pouring rain, time stops and I remember myself just like I used to be. There’s nothing more pleasant than to embrace your true self. Some won’t understand and some will believe me when I’ll tell them that in the middle of a storm, I can delete all my negative thoughts and go back in time… when my purring was my visit card.

Misery by Stephen King

Writing for a living? Not anymore!

Title: Misery

Author: Stephen King

Published by Nemira


Misery, written by the american author Stephen King is a horror and psychological novel. This is the first book I have read of King, but certainly not the last. The main character of the story is the writer Paul Sheldon. He is famous for writing a series of a novel, involving the character of Misery Chastain. Paul just finished a new novel, different from the best-selling series and all he wants to do is to drive to Los Angeles, instead of flying to New York.

Unfortunately, he has a car accident and he is injured very bad. His salvation (or his punishment, as you will see) came from a former nurse, who lives nearby Sidewinder, Annie Wilkies. Little did he knew when he saw her “taking care” of his shattered legs, after he opened his eyes. She presented herself as his number one fan, because she was obsessed with the Misery Chastain series.

Annie pretends she is taking good care of Paul, feeding him, giving him pills for his pain, but in fact, she is nuts. Instead of taking him to an hospital, he torments the poor writer. All the “good things” that she does for Paul have a price: she wants him to write another novel about Misery.

Paul Sheldon is forced to write a new novel and hopes that somehow he will be able to run away from Annie, even though he is almost paralyzed.

Annie Wilkies is more than a freak, she is malefic, crazy and has no pity for her favorite writer. Later, Paul discovers who Annie really is and what she is capable of. She abuses him, she punishes him and she cuts parts of his body (that was really gross and scary). 

Paul Sheldon isn’t writing about Misery, he lives in misery. The end of the book is surprising and my jaw dropped. Incredible book! Incredible Stephen King! Can’t wait to read another book written by him! *So many books, so little time…*


Four. How you remind me.

I couldn’t stop reading. These books were like a drug.

I wanted more and more and more…

Title: Four. A Divergent Collection

Author: Veronica Roth

Published by Leda

Four is a collection of five short stories from the Divergent trilogy, written by Veronica Roth:

  • Free Four: Tobias tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scene
  • The Transfer
  • The Initiate
  • The Son
  • The Traitor

In this volume, you will also find another three scenes about the moment when Four met Beatrice. This brought me a big smile, because I really loved this two guys when they were together.

The stories are told from Four’s point of view and I found them as a consolation after finishing the trilogy. This short stories reminded me of characters that are long gone, and it was a pleasant feeling to read again about them. 

As I have told you in the review of Allegiant, I was really angry when I finished reading the series. But I saw Four, waiting for me to touch its cover and to devour the pages.

At the beginning, Veronica Roth wanted to write the trilogy from Four’s perspective, but it wasn’t enough, so she tried writing from Beatrice’s point of view. And… Voilá! A masterpiece was born!

It was nice to discover how Tobias felt about some things. It was nice to see through his eyes. It reminded me of the fact that this trilogy was one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read. For me, it was the beginning of reading fantasy books. Veronica Roth, you have a big fan right here! You made me purr and you made me wanna scratch your face. What a contradiction! Amazing books!

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Allegiant.The other side.

It was an amazing experience to read the Divergent Series.

Divergent fascinated me, Insurgent kept me so tensed that I felt my blood running through my veins. But, oh my God, Allegiant shocked me (in Romanian, Allegiant is translated as Experiment).

Title: Allegiant

Author: Veronica Roth

Published by Leda

Allegiant is the third volume from this fantasy series. The story is told from a dual perspective and has an astonishing force to catch the reader’s attention. This book made me feel so confused. My feelings were in such contradiction after I finished it, that the only thing I was capable was to lie in bed, with my eyes wide open, staring at my ceiling (you know when a cat stares at the walls, and you think there is a ghost or something but you can’t see it?! Creepy, huh?!). I felt so much anger, pity, fury, fear, love… I lived in this story with Tris and Tobias. Every moment I felt like I was next to them. Not many writers are capable of the magic Veronica Roth is.

I have to admit that the first part of the book wasn’t too stimulative, but after I started reading the second half, things got a turn I never expected.

If Insurgent has ended when Tris, Tobias and other friends of them left the destroyed society they had been living in, Allegiant shows the adventurers seeking the truth, outside Chicago. They all hoped for a better life, but what they discovered on the other side has changed them forever. They found out that the government thought that the problems of the society were caused by bad genes. Therefore, they tried to modify the people’s genes, but the results were catastrophic. Wanting to repair the mistakes, they tried to create and raise enough Divergents to fix the genetic disaster.

It sounds good to create a new world, in order to change the society into something better. But there were still many secrets to be discovered. That’s why Tris, Tobias and their friends conceived a plan to save their city. Unfortunately, the plan never works as it should…

I don’t want to tell you the hole story, nor give you too many details. I want you to read this book. Veronica Roth took my breath away. After that, I was so enraged, like a black panther in a cage. I wished I had never read these books. But then I calmed down, and I realized what a tremendous story I had lived while reading these volumes. Allegiant is about truth, forgiveness and love. I didn’t wanted this story to end. NEVER! But I came to an end and I closed the book. Emptiness surrounded me and then, I saw Four laying next to me in bed (not the character, sadly, but the volume). And Four was my salvation. I will write a short review about this one, too.

But for now… `I feel like I have lost control of what I have become`. (Veronica Roth)

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Insurgent. Layers of secrets.

No more tears for Divergent. It’s time for Insurgent.

“People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets. You believe you know them, that you understand them, but their motives are always hidden from you, buried in their own hearts. You will never know them, but sometimes you decide to trust them.” (Veronica Roth)

Title: Insurgent

Author: Veronica Roth

Published by Leda

Insurgent is the second volume of the Divergent Trilogy. It kept me as tensed as Divergent did. I didn’t thought that the relationship between Tris and Tobias will remain perfect, without any ups and downs, but I didn’t expect that things will come apart like they did.

There were pages that I read with tears in my eyes, but there were others that made me sooooo angry that I wanted to throw away the book or to punch some characters in the faces.


In the air floats the egoism, the betrayal and the death. The people that are in charge will do whatever it takes not to lose the power. In this volume, the characters are trying to keep their secrets with the price of their lives, but things are getting complicated.

If I would have to choose between Divergent and Insurgent, I would choose the first one. I was a little bit disappointed, because I wanted to see Tris more like a Dountless, and less than an Abnegation girl. There were parts in this volume when Tris seemed to be Beatrice again. In her life there were so many shocking changes, but I was so sure she is a strong character, that can face any situation. I was hoping to be amazed by her courage and not by the fact that she didn’t want to fight anymore. She made a lot of stupid things, that put her life in danger.

Beatrice became Tris once again, after the second part of the volume. Finally, I was feeling proud of her, for being able to fight against her demons, for not giving up, despite the fact that she kept some secrets away from Tobias. Oh, but wait, Four disappointed me as well, for not trusting Beatrice’s instinct. The way the two of them worked together was really weird, kind of… sad. They weren’t a team like they used to be, they ignored their feelings.

At the end of the volume, remained more questions than before, because some things about the war for justice and peace could not be hidden anymore.

Insurgent was a lovely and easy reading book, just like Divergent. Despite all the negative facts I have pinned up here, I want to read more and more and more… So, next stop: Allegiant!

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Learning to be a Divergent

There are days when I’m not in the mood to write my own stories.

So I came up with this idea. How about writing reviews of the books I read? It is a nice way to spend my alone time. Also, it is a good opportunity to practice my English. But the best part is that I won’t forget what I read.

I think I should start with a book that I had read a long time ago, but I’m not a normal writer, nor a normal cat, so I’ll start with the last book I have put my paws around.

Title: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Published by Leda

The Divergent Series. Fantasy. Actually, this kind of books doesn’t apply to me. But I thought I should read other writers, other stories, and other styles. It all began after I saw the movie and then it appealed to me that I should read the book, too, if the movie was so impressing.

What I discovered in the first book of Divergent is way more interesting than the exceptional screening. I felt like I was part of the story. It took me only two days to read it. The words of Veronica Roth weren’t just amazing, they were far beyond that and I was starving to read her next books. I was the cat and the books were my tuna.

The american writer shows us a post-apocalyptical Chicago, a world divided in five factions: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dountless and Erudite. At the age of sixteen, every person has to choose a faction, in order to start an adult life. This is the case of Beatrice Prior from Abnegation, who will make a surprising choice (if I were her, I would have made the same choice).

During the initiation of the faction she chose, Beatrice changes her name into Tris and falls madly in love with her instructor, Four (while reading, I have fallen for him, too). Right from the start, Tris keeps a secret about who she really is, knowing that if the truth will come out, she will be in danger. When she admits that she is a Divergent, she founds out that she is not the only one in this situation.

All in all, she finishes with success the initiation, but the society is threaten by a major conflict between the factions. The fate of the whole community is in Tris’s hands. Will it help the fact that she is a Divergent in order to save her dear ones or it will just get things worse?

Guess what! You’ll have to read it if you want to find out. I was so impatient after I finished reading the first book, that I immediately started to read the second one, Insurgent.

The fantasy novel, Divergent, is more likely to be read by teenagers, but even if my age is almost a quarter of century, Veronica Roth conquered my heart. An easy-reading novel, but still complex, which sent me into another dimension.

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“Therapy” =^-^=

To become a writer you should first read other writers.

Today is such a cold and cloudy day. I just came back from shopping (call it “therapy”) with this pretty books. It is a purrfect time to be a cat: sitting all day long in bed, under the cozy blanket, with hot milk in my favorite mug, painting my claws green and reading…

picture 020

Who is the Writing Kitty?

The Writing Kitty is just a young woman.

She enjoys watching the letters of the alphabet dancing on a blank page, until they find their match. The letters are picky, but once they find their soulmates, they create the most beautiful words. Sometimes, after they dance a samba, they still have enough energy for a waltz or tango.

It is not always that simple, especially when the young woman is very harsh on herself. There are days when she tears apart the pages and burns them, turning them into dust, but the rest of the days she listens to the melody inside her, writing and bleeding over the typewriter. It doesn’t matter if she writes very fast or really slow, because she puts her soul in all her works.

She is a woman with a CATtitude. She is curious, mysterious, likes chasing things and purrs when she finishes writing a poem or a novel.

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